Modeselektor introduce Phon.o

The mighty duo want to tell you all about another German producer you should be looking out for.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

German electronic duo Modeselektor have taken a break from preparing for their unique London date tomorrow night (May 17th) to tell us about their pal and purveyor of mutated, gritty techno, Phon.o. Having been producing for a long time and with three albums under his belt, Phon.o is no newcomer, but if you hadn’t come across his frenetic sound already then that’s about to change – and with a new EP out tomorrow, there couldn’t be a better time for it. Read Modeselektor’s introduction and stream samples of Phon.o’s new EP and a full Boiler Room set below.

Modeselektor: “Carsten is our best man from Quedlinburg, out of the heart of the former GDR. He is not a newcomer anymore but still fresh and creative, he has been producing electronic music as long as we have (35 years). He is a really good cook, graphic design artist and a super nice guy. You should try to see one of his live shows- it is a total thrill!”

Phon.o live at Boiler Room in Berlin.

50WEAPONS will release ‘Schn33 / Go’ on the 17th May 2013.

Modeselektor play at the Roundhouse tomorrow night, in their first and last London show of 2013 – get more information on that here.