Missions – Darrk/Blakk

A lascivious moment of dark vocoder pop from Austin analogue synth artist.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Channelling a love of Depeche Mode, Austin analogue synth musician Missions works himself up into a shoulder-jerking, hot-under-the-collar moment on new single Darrk/Blakk. Lashings of lascivious synths almost obscure the yearning vocoder chorus – I got this feeling / you have too – and the whole thing burns rather wickedly. In other words, it’s darn catchy. Austin label Pau Wau Records released Darrk/Blakk on triangle-shaped 7” vinyl a couple of weeks back but you can stream the whole thing here, including a twerky, early hours rework by White Car.

Pau Wau Records released Missions Darrk/Blakk on 6th July 2012

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