Mira Calix makes music you can touch for Olympics 2012

The electronic artist and composer works with mineralogists to sculpt a composition into an object and achieve the impossible.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Vinyl-lovers and collectors can breathe easy now that Mira Calix has found a way to capture sound in physicality. In an effort to undermine the inherent transience of music, she attempts to recreate the physical experience in Nothing is Set In Stone.

Calix has conceived a continuous piece of music never to be heard in its entirety. Changing depending on how its audience approaches it, the interactive sculpture is made from a metamorphic rock known as Angel Stone, and represents the landscape and its naturally embedded sounds -such as birds or dawn or a rushing river.

You can see (and hear) it at the nature reserve Fairlop Waters, in the London Borough of Redbridge, as part of the Mayor of London’s Secret: Hidden London programme.

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