Micachu releases new mixtape ‘Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill’


Micachu has released a new hour-long mixtape on Demdike Stare's label DDS.

Having released one of 2014's best in her soundtrack to Jonathan Glazer's Under The Skin, Mica Levi has kept pretty busy dropping new mixes (like this one with Brother May), DJing, contributing to new music by DELS and Tirzah, and probably all sorts of other things we've not picked up on due to how low-key and un-hypey she keeps things.

The new mixtape, called 'Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill' is exclusive to Boomkat and on sale now. They describe it as being "more or less split into three seamless segments referenced in the title", moving through "tense, concrete-fuelled strings to brilliantly ramshackle tape beats and odd pop edits". Sounds great!

Head on over to Boomkat to buy the cassette, also on sale digitally.