M.I.A did the theme for Julian Assange’s new talk show

The British singer will also appear in a forthcoming episode of 'The World Tomorrow' show.


Words by: Charlie Jones

British “Missing in Acton” popsinger M.I.A has done the instrumental theme for Wikileaker Julian Assange’s new programme, as Stereogum pointed us towards.

Assange has been under house arrest in the UK for 500 days, but he still will launch a new talk show (which he’s taping at home) called ‘The World Tomorrow’. The show will air on the government-funded Russian news network RT.

The British singer, whose Vicki Leekx mixtape was partly inspired by Assange’s work, will also appear in a forthcoming episode of the show.

You can hear M.I.A’s theme, which is an instrumental synth track, below.

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