M.I.A. – Bring The Noize

Turn it up! M.I.A. returns with a new song, possibly-but-possibly-not taken from her upcoming fourth album.


M.I.A. has shared her newest track, Bring The Noize. Produced by Switch and Surkin and debuted on Zane Lowe’s radio show, the track is possibly taken from her fourth studio album ‘Matangi’, which has been met with many, many delays. Speaking to Lowe, M.I.A. said that the album has been handed in to her label a couple of times already but was repeatedly rejected for being too happy. It’s due out around Autumn this year through N.E.E.T./Interscope. Whether it appears on that album or not, you can stream it below – it’s pretty heavy, and it sounds very “Soundcloud”, if such a thing is possible.