Metome – Bshop’s Ring Sun

Jazz-inflected R&B sounds from the Japanese master of sampling.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Japanese producer Metome is one of those artists who is able to explore disparate sounds whilst retaining his own unique style. In his case, his style rests on two pillars: jazz and sampling. Alongside blissful, laid-back jazz chords, he showcases a true talent in the locating and isolating of good samples, and the subsequent expert placement of these chopped-up gems, reminiscent of the carefree improvisation of jazz.

In Bshop's Ring Sun his characteristic electric piano battles with wide saw-wave synth chords in lounge-esque progressions, fraught with gaps that allow his rapid-fire sampling prowess to shine through. Lickety-split percussion clicks like appreciative beatniks in the background, subtle kicks line the track and claps drip with cool in a fantastic melding of genres from skiffly drumstep rhythms to a future R&B feel and, of course, jazz.

Alongside this Soundcloud upload comes confirmation of a new album, which is "coming soon" – we can't wait to hear more.

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