Metome – Black Black

A whirlwind of future-facing jazz from the Japanese producer.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Japanese producer Metome (aka Takahiro Uchibori) continues to get us excited for his upcoming album with his new jam Black Black. With no title, no release date – no anything – in the pipeline as of yet, we only have unexpected uploads of his songs to go by. I say "only", but really: it's more than enough when they're as good as this. 

Containing familiar elements that compound into a Metome song – indomitable sampling, improvisational dynamism and love-at-first-listen romantic sounds – Black Black begins as a soothing wash of soft synths and a low-register vocal sample before flying into a whirlwind medley of slap-bass, minimalist beats and wild saxophone wailings. Intentionally sparse yet full of flavour, each sound, percussive or otherwise, sings in the satisfying reverb before the next full-on cluster. Giving jazz a future-facing makeover, Metome's tracks surprise and impress every time.

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