Mella Dee – Bring Love

UK club music producer and former Mista Men member shares a belter from 'Rhythm Nation', his new tape for Digital Soundboy.


Mella Dee is a club producer, former member of garage/bassline super dudes Mista Men, and a general good egg – if you're into the various permutations of sound system and pirate radio-friendly music, then you should definitely follow him on twitter dot com, because he always has opinions that are worth hearing.

His new tape for Digital Soundboy is a dark 'n' dirty thing called 'Rhythm Nation'. We guess it's called that because all of its tracks – and, to be honest, all of Mella Dee's tracks full stop – are an ode to the UK's dance music heritage, and the many rhythms that have come out of this nation over the past quarter century.

Digital Soundboy release 'Rhythm Nation' on January 19th 2015.

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