Watch police raid Megaupload founder Kim Dot Com’s mansion

Bizarre raid to the far side – mega pirate's last moments as a free man captured on tape, like a decidedly beta-male Scarface finale.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Back in January, a police raid took place in New Zealand on the mansion of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom when he was arrested on charge of criminal copyright infringement.

Video footage has just reached the internet showing a very expansive force seizing the home of Kim Dotcom and taking him into custody alongside five Filipino females and three children. Overall there were two helicopters, four police vehicles, multiple police dogs, armed officers, a special tactics squad, the FBI and a camera in tree above his house. Some may say this was a little unnecessary in order to get the 300 lb German-Finnish businessman out of his home, even if he was hiding in an unlocked safety room. The saga continues in New Zealand court.