MCFERRDOG – Lawd Forgive Me

Stream a new track from NYC's Max McFerren on 1080p, finding the sincere joy in goofy signifiers of euphoria.


1080p are having a rollercoaster year just eight days in: not only have they literally just put out a tape from Neu Balance, now the Vancouver label are gearing up to release a new set of tracks from MCFERRDOG.

For those unaware, MCFERRDOG is an alias of NYC's Max McFerren (who sometimes releases music under his own name), a guy who finds a sincere joy in the signifiers of euphoria found in a lot of dance music (trance, deep house, etc.) that many would consider goofy or cheesy.

So on Lawd Forgive Me, the title track of his new tape, you have all these blissed out piano house lines and gospel samples going on. It's all very post-ironic, but like all dance music, it works on a visceral level, too.

1080p release 'Lawd Forgive Me' on January 20th 2015 (pre-order).