Max Cooper feat. Kathrin deBoer – Adrift

The minimal techno auteur announces his debut album - stream its gorgeous first single inside.


Max Cooper has put out an awful lot of music over the past few years, mostly edging towards melodic, minimal techno (some of it is really excellent, like the astounding I (Long Version)With so much material to his name, it's a surprise that he's never committed to an actual album album, but that's all set to change early next year with the release of 'Human'.

Lead single Adrift is a rather pretty number, featuring frequent vocal collaborator Kathrin deBoer. Its slow and steady piano chords initially seeming at odds with the glitchy, million-sounds-a-second beat.

Fields will release Adrift on December 16th, followed by the album 'Human' on March 10th 2014.

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