Matthew Herbert introduces Hejira

The experimental electronic musician says you should be listening to this rising London-based band.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Hejira are a four-piece, London-based band made up of Sam Beste, Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, Alex Reeve and Alexis Nunez. With a disorientating and unique blend of just-out-of-reach vocals and closer-than-you-expect earthy percussion, they make stridently confident and instantly familiar music. Electronic pioneer Matthew Herbert recently produced their debut EP (as well as providing a remix of the lead single, Gypsy Of The Soul, which you can hear below), and is lined up to do the same for the band’s first album, due in 2013. Read on to find out why he’s such a big supporter of this brand new talent, and why he thinks you should be, too.

Matthew Herbert: “I love this band. There’s a delicate orchestration to their playing and arrangements that has more in common with symphonic classical music than rock. Born of many years of experience performing individually in a bewildering amount of styles the band seeks to build this musicianship in to an uncompromisingly visceral, passionate yet tender sound. Full of gentle surprises, the whole project feels unhindered by compromise or a desire to please. As a consequence, it makes for a magnetic, engaging listen.”

Hejira – Gypsy of the Soul

Hejira – Gypsy of the Soul (Matthew Herbert remix), via FACT


Hejira – Gypsy of the Soul (Live from the House of Dreams), via District MTV

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