Matias Aguayo – Tomada

Bare bones drum track that packs a punch, taken from the second part of Aguayo's new 'El Rudo Del House' 12" series.


'El Rudo Del House' is a new 12" series by Matias Aguayo. Released via his label Cómeme, 'El Rudo Del House' started with Round One last month, and ends in June with Round Four.

There is a concept behind 'El Rudo Del House' – one that involves ceremonial masks, spirit animals, possession, yadda yadda – but the main thing that casual listeners will need to know is that it's music to dance to. So here's Tomada, a new track from Round Two of the EP series, which is practically just a drum track with a few claps and 'woo!'s in there for good measure. But although Aguayo is boiling things down to their bear essence here, the track still absolutely BANGS.

Cómeme say that the track creates "the illusion of being spanked (in a good way)", and who are we to argue with that assertion?

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Matias Aguayo 'El Rudo Del House' tracklist:

01. Tomada
02. 69 Ground Floor Left
03. Gato Disco
04. Loca Dance
05. Ese Pompin

Comeme release 'El Rudo Del House: Round Two' on April 13th 2015.