Martyn – Ghost People [album stream]

An ebullient mixing of micro-genres from the Dutch master.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Long after casting off petty distinctions like genre and scene, Dutch producer Martyn is still working his own angle on the dance-floor. Somewhere between house, techno, dub and the beat scene, Martyn’s new long-player, ‘Ghost People’ brings together many of the supposedly disparate micro-genres of European dance music into one unified assault on your ears and feet. Considerably more focused and four-to-the-floor than we may have come to expect from the Dutchman, the tacks on show here run together in the best possible way. They feel like one unbelievably strong idea explored in ten different ways before the epic closer We Are You In The Future brings it all together for a nine-minute synth freakout. The title track is a winner too.

Martyn – ‘Ghost People’ LP Exclusive Stream by Mixmag

[VIA Mixmag]

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