Maria Minerva – The Beginning

The Estonian DIY pop star is releasing a new album called 'Histrionic' - stream its first track inside.


Good news for lovers of idiosyncratic pop: Maria Minerva has confirmed a new record for Not Not Fun next month. While it's been a few years since 'Cabaret Cixous', her jumbled debut proper for the LA label, she's been keeping busy leading up to this announcement. Intriguing demoes have been popping on Soundcloud as of late – our pick of which was the tricksy Cafe Nihilism 2013 – and she also lent her honeyed tones for a track off Hervé's 'The Art Of Disappearing'

Minerva recently made the move from London to New York, and if The Beginning is anything to go by, the change of scenery may have signalled a cleaning up of her tendency toward druggy tape hiss and haze. Over a click-clack shuffle, Minerva sings of 'beauty and brains' not always being enough, looking optimistically towards new romantic beginnings on the dancefloor. 

Not Not Fun release 'The Beginning' on April 29th 2014. 

[via Self-Titled Mag]

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