Maria Minerva – Cafe Nihilism 2013

All the lonely people: the Estonian singer-songwriter crafts deft imagery on an unreleased track.


Maria Minerva shared a new one today, the awesomely titled Cafe Nihilism 2013. While her track record isn't really one that's generally pointed to clarity of message, there's a pretty strong ideology hiding under this track's DIY pop muckiness. 

"I step into the Cafe Nihilism" – croons Minerva, like an inebriated Edith Piaf – "I lose my sense of self". While a real-life Cafe Nihilism would probably be a fun place to hang for a while, Minerva’s imagery taps into just how bloody lonely it would probably be to spend your life not giving a damn about anyone/thing else. Not bad for an unreleased track. 

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