March Dispatch \ Off Modern mix

Will from south London art/music gang Off Modern gets you to listen to his big tips for the coming month, including Bullion, Tessela, Lapalux, Connan Mockasin, Joy O &c.


Words by: Zara Wladawsky

In the era of the hyper-speed internet connection, bloggery competition and twitter a track considered new on Monday can be in need of a metaphorical Stannah stairlift come Tuesday. How do you go about composing a mixtape of new music then? More pertinently, how do you put together a mix of tracks which aren’t going to make you look desperately out of touch in a column which showcases you as someone in the know? On top of that, how do I restore some OM respect after Felix opened the first in our series of dispatches with a Bright Eyes song?

All this was in my head when I began what I thought would be a painstaking search for shit-hot pre-releases last Monday. I already had some new cuts from Tessela; which landed in my inbox along with the incredible guest mix he did for the Off Modern site. Tessela’s willingness to give me a taster of things to come set the standard for my experiences in getting pre-release tracks off hot new producers. Pictures Music new man Lapalux sent me Operate in the bat of an eyelid and lovestep pioneer Two Inch Punch kindly sent me Luv Luv after I dropped him a message though soundcloud; Hat tip to Johnny from OM for introducing TIP’s music to me.

Either four long years of booking agent cajoling, band-chaperoning, DJ-pestering, finger-freezing flyering began to pay off last week or people had discovered I was constructing a mixtape for the prestigious Dummy – I got sent some new music I actually wanted. Free, hot off the press and unasked for I got access to Joy O’s March-due Wade In, Bullion’s forthcoming Young Turks CD release of ‘You Drive Me To Plastic’ and was able to pluck Knew You Were The 1 by dBridge off ‘Back and 4th’, a Hot Flush compilation of label essentials and brand new tracks due out early April.

Yes, it is cheeky to use the Intro from Bullion’s awesome record box reworking or ‘non-lp’ as the opening to my meager mixtape but I’ll apologise to the man himself for this on March 11th, watch this space for info.  Following Bullion is a tune from Connan Mockasin’s debut record. Connan is so eccentric that he cancelled when we booked him for an event last year but I still love this record and am backing next month’s re-release on Phantasy Sound. Also in there is the title track from Gyratory System’s recently mastered second album, ‘New Harmony,’ out April 11th, we like them so much they’re going to be the first band to play Off Modern twice, watch out April 30th.


Wrong Door Int(ro) – Bullion
It’s Choade My Dear – Connan Mockasin
Knew You Were The 1 – dBridge
Operate – Lapalux
Luv Luv – Two Inch Punch
Yonkers – Tyler The Creator
Slugger – Tessela
Higher Than The Sun – Primal Scream
New Harmony – Gyratory System
Wade In – Joy O
I Love You So (Skream Remix) – Cassius