Manic Street Preachers – Europa Geht Durch Mich (Erol Alkan’s Mesmerise Zwei Rework)

Avowed Manics superfan Erol Alkan remixes a track from their forthcoming album 'Futurology'.


Erol Alkan has gone on record in the past declaring a serious love for the Manic Street Preachers, so it's a wonder that it's taken him this long to remix them. It's kind of like waiting for a bus, though – you wait this long for him to do a remix, then two come along at once.

Tackling Europa Geht Durch Mich from the Manics' forthcoming album 'Futurology', the remix being aired right now is Erol's second version, nicknamed the 'Mesmerise Zwei' rework. It's a proper weird one – the original song featured guest vocals from German actress Nina Hoss, and Erol takes a single vocal lick from Hoss and builds the whole track around it, resulting in a dark, strange, and almost (whisper it) trancey track. It'll appear on a limited edition 12" being released through Phantasy Sound.

Most recently, Erol reworked Love Frequency by Klaxons (he also produced a couple of tracks on the forthcoming album of the same name). He also released a remix EP of his own music, featuring a version of Bang by Beau Wanzer that's absolutely bananas.

Europa Geht Durch Mich (Erol Alkan Reworks) tracklist:

1. Europa Geht Durch Mich (Erol Alkan's Mesmerise Eins Rework)
2. Europa Geht Durch Mich (Erol Alkan's Mesmerise Zwei Rework)

Phantasy Sound release Europa Geht Durch Mich (Erol Alkan Reworks) on June 23rd 2014 (pre-order).

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