Mala from Digital Mystikz has an album of Cuban music

Gilles Peterson took Mala to Cuba, inspiring the revered dubstep producer's new album.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Digital Mystikz producer Mala has been working on a new album with Cuban musicians – and it’s nearly finished. Gilles Peterson told ClashMusic how he persuaded Mala to accompany him on a trip to Cuba and as a result the renowned UK bass music producer has been working on an album with Cuban musicians and rhythms.

“So I basically took Mala over there with me and we spent the first few days recording Latin rhythms and we took those back to the UK and he’s been working on that. We went back and made the album, but when I was making the album I would be in studio one and all the musicians would come through and play a straightforward type of album. Then when they were done with me they would basically go through and see him and he would do his interpretation of the Cuban thing for his own album which is going to be coming out in February. February / March for our follow up album.”

Mala has been at the forefront of the UK bass scene for the best part of a decade, and is notorious for his heavy, involved rhythms. One of early dubstep’s finest momnets was the sublime Anti War Dub. Digital Mystikz’s colossally underrated album ‘Return II Space’ [2010] is a must listen, if you haven’t heard it already.

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