Major indie music stock centre burns in London riots

During the riots in Enfield last night the Sony distribution centre, which also houses PIAS stock, was burnt to the ground.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Sony DADC burnt down last night in Enfield, during the riots which rocked the capital. The warehouse was also the home of PIAS UK distribution, containing stock which belonged to many independent music labels. Labels likely to be affected include Domino, Young Turks, Kompakt, Brille, Warp and XL.

[Sony Warehouse Enfield Riots On Fire, Explodes]

Yoko Yasukochi, Sony’s spokeswoman said this morning, from Tokyo, “We cannot determine the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage yet because it’s not possible to enter the building,” she said, adding that no injuries have been reported from the fire. Darren Hemmings, Head of Digital Marketing for PIAS, has stated this morning “I can confirm that the Sony DADC warehouse in Enfield did burn to the ground, and Sony holds PIAS stock…we know DADC was destroyed & are waiting to confirm exactly how badly this has affected PIAS.”

Independent labels have been expressing their anger and heartbreak at the news on Twitter; Sonic Cathedral posted a picture of the burning building alongside the caption “ If anyone wanted any records on Sonic Cathedral, they were in here :-(”, while Tri Angle, whose records are distributed through PIAS, simply Tweeted “PIAS distribution burnt down last night. No words. I just feel sick.”

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