Majical Cloudz – Turns Turns Turns

Majestic musical evolution from Montreal man on the rise.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Majical Cloudz is Montreal-based artist Devon Welsh who you’ll remember, if your mind isn’t entirely scrambled by the internet, made some rather nice music with Arbutus labelmate Grimes last summer. Having recorded a whole bunch of songs over the last couple of years in that washy/pretty vein (available as Bandcamp album ‘II’), he’s now turned a musical corner to arrive at something altogether more majestic, more magical. I went to see him perform live with his bandmate/producer Matt last week in London (he was supporting Grimes at Heaven) and was bowled over. The man has presence, so much presence. And that voice hits square in the chest. His new material is pop of the melodramatic yet spare kind: flush with emotion yet structurally restrained. This guy is gonna be big, no doubt. The first taste of his new sound is the tender and powerful Turns Turns Turns, again on Arbutus. One listen and you’ll be smitten.