Main Attrakionz

Oakland rappers cut deep at Brooklyn showcase.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Main Attrakionz are awake. This is worth noting because just an hour before they were flat out backstage apparently sleeping off a hard night’s gigging next to a pile of pizza boxes. CMJ week takes its toll it seems but if Main Attrakionz are feeling the burn-out, not a flicker of it shows during their performance at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn for Yours Truly and Gorilla Vs Bear’s party. Over beats so deep, so sad, so on-the-edge, the Oakland crew lay down stretched out lyrics and drawled out calls to pretty girls. The room – a warehouse loft space in what feels like a remote spot in Brooklyn – is full of swaying bodies, including headliner Grimes who’s dancing on sofa in front of a fan sending a cool breeze through the crowd. A string of fairy lights hang above the stage, a fractured halo above the heads of Main Attrakionz who, for my money, steal the show.

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