LV announce new album on Brownswood

Two and a half years, a jazz pianist and trip to Belgium later, LV return with 'Ancient Mechanisms'.


Words by: Natalie /

Globetrotting production duo LV announce forthcoming full-length release 'Ancient Mechanisms' on Brownswood. Two and a half years in the making and well worth the wait, the new album traces a train of thought sparked by a live session with jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan in 2012.

Inspired by the inner workings of instruments (it's in the name) and a MIDI keyboard that sounded like “a bar in a wild west movie”, the recording process went beyond the pokey box of a studio and out into the wild. LV embarked on a trip to Belgium with Hamasyan, where they recorded him playing antique grand pianos in a museum for soothing jazz-licked track Ruiselede, aptly named after the town that housed the collection. Carrying on LV's penchant for collaboration with past work featuring London poet Josh Idehen and kwaito-infused productions with Johannesburg MCs, the pianist makes several appearances throughout the album to showcase a broad range of styles, including energetic and circling keys that perfectly compliment the stabby bass of Jump And Reach to the toned down, drifting wash of Infinite Spring.

A Dummy favourite, Transition starts slow and feels like the plucking of your heartstrings as if they were made of complex wires. A creaky door swings before the beat drops, transitioning from an experimental number to a full blown, enigmatic crowd mover. 

'Ancient Mechanisms' is released 9th October on Brownswood Recordings (buy).

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