LuckyMe are getting their own Rinse FM show!

Glasgow purveyors of experimental hip hop and dance music announce a new show for London's seminal station.


LuckyMe, the Glasgow purveyors of all things good about modern music today, have announced a new show on Rinse FM. If you’ve listened to music or been to clubs over the past couple of years, you’ll probably know the LuckyMe family in some capacity: some of the wider-known names amongst their ranks are Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Lunice, S-Type, Machinedrum and Baauer. Expect an experimental blend of hip hop, R&B and straight-up club records from the show’s hosts, Eclair Fifi and The Blessings, as well as guest mixes and, if their parties are anything to go by, plenty of curveballs.

The show will broadcast bi-weekly from 6th December, playing throughout London and online at the clubbing primetime of 1-3am.