Our label returns with a digital single from Lower, streamable inside

We are very excited to announce that, from Monday, Lower's single 'All The Way Down' will be available through Dummy's label page.


Words by: Charlie Jones

When we started Dummy’s online phase in the dark daze of late 2008 / early 2009, the idea was always to release records. We put out three that year, but went on hiatus since. This break ends on Monday with the release of the music of Lewis Rowley.

Better known as Lower, he learnt to produce while living in Bristol – where he met fellow producers Joker and Rekordah, and though informed by the bright, night throb of dubstep’s second city, he is working with lush presence in his own world.

There will be the below tracks – All The Way Down and Untitled – available for low-KBS free download and high-quality sale, starting in the AM, from the label page and the shop. Check back for more information on the guy and the MP3s, but for now, get used to these tracks we love so much.

Lower ‘All The Way Down’ (single) by Dummymag

We will release Lower’s MP3s All The Way Down and Untitled on the 25th April 2011