Lotic – Heterocetera

The Berlin producer and Janus crew member drops his skewed Tri Angle debut.


Lotic, one of our tips for 2015, is debuting on experimental institution Tri Angle Records (we can call them an institution now, right?), following free releases with New York's Sci-Fi & Fantasy label and his continued involvement with the Janus crew.

Heterocetera is the title track from his Tri Angle EP. Having seen Lotic play his UK debut at London weirdo dance Tropical Waste late last year, Heterocetera sees the Texas-raised, Berlin-based artist capture the same sort of energy in a production that you get from his DJ sets, where jagged-edged club music is mixed with bootlegs of top 40 R&B hits that sound like they've been turned inside-out. It's not exactly rare to hear tracks that sample Masters At Work's The Ha Dance, but on Heterocetera, Lotic utilises it in a seriously skewed way. 

Tri Angle Records release 'Heterocetera' on March 2nd 2015.

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