Lord RAJA – Throw Them Out (System) (patten remix)

Warp Records producer patten takes the hybridised sounds of Lord RAJA and makes them sound like - well, like patten.


'A Constant Moth' was Lord RAJA's first 'proper' album, although he's put huge compilations of music online since the beginning of the decade. Released via Ghostly at the tail-end of 2014, 'A Constant Moth' saw the New York producer create a beat collage of rap, IDM, footwork, and ambient music.

So who better to remix one of the album's tracks than Warp Records producer patten? Where Lord RAJA takes these disparate sounds and creates a hybrid out of them, patten terraforms them: in his hands, everything sounds like patten.

Ghostly released 'A Constant Moth' on December 2nd 2014 (buy).