Lontalius – Light Shines Through Dust

17-year-old New Zealand singer-songwriter follows oodles of Soundcloud-uploaded Top 40 covers and feature credits with Ryan Hemsworth with his debut song proper.


Lontalius is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from New Zealand called Eddie Johnston. For ages now he's been uploading cover versions of top 40 radio hits and blog pop anthems to his Soundcloud at a ridiculous rate, transforming even the most upbeat shiny pop songs into these kind of lo-fi sad boy things by lathering on Auto-Tune and using a cheap Casio keyboard.

He's covered everyone from Pharrell and Drake (a lot of Drake) to FKA twigs and Jacques Greene in this style, and while on paper that may sound pretty hip and bloggy and buzzy, the results when you actually listen to them should sway naysayers. Ryan Hemsworth is a big fan – he got Lontalius to feature on Walk Me Home, from recent album 'Alone For The First Time', which is actually how we first heard about him. 

In between these things, he also writes his own music, and he's working on a debut album for release next year. One of that album's songs is Light Shines Through Dust, which is very understated and atmospheric, yet with a little bit more sheen than his bedroom things.