Lone announces R&S album, ‘Galaxy Garden’

Next album from great British producer Matt Cutler will be 'Galaxy Garden'


Words by: Charlie Jones

Matt – Lone – Cutler’s rise to one of the best producers in the nebulous “after dubstep” scene was assured, funnily enough, when he left behind the hazy, skipping abstraction of his peers, and moved in to the day glo tones of early nineties rave and abstract hip hop with his debut album ‘Ecstasy And Friends’, and subsequent EP ‘Emerald Fantasy Tracks’. Now, he’s following his Echolocations EP of 2011 with a full album for R&S, titled ‘Galaxy Garden’. The track below is taken from two-sided single ‘Crystal Caverns 1991/Vulcan Mill Acid’ and will be released 26th March, ahead of their full album release on the 7th May.

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