London’s Science Museum has invented a virtual orchestra you can conduct

Kensington museum hosts super-interesting activity around Holst piece.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Science Museum in London is launching a new ‘virtual, digital, visual orchestra’ exhibit which lets you become a maestro for a moment, conducting 105 virtual instruments from inside a new-fangled device called a ‘Conductor Pod’.

Opening on the 23rd May 2012 for six weeks only, the Universe of Sound installation presents a virtual Philharmonia Orchestra playing Gustav Holst’s The Planets, putting you in control of the music using touch screens, movement-based interaction, 360-degree projections and other technical wizardry.

A virtual Universe of Sound experience will also be available through your computer or smartphone through the Arts Council/BBC’s new digital environment The Space, also home to the John Peel archive, which was recently made available online.

The Science Museum’s Universe of Sound installation opens on 23rd May 2012 for six weeks.

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