London Philharmonic Orchestra suspends players for expressing anti-Israel views

Four members of the LPO have been suspended for signing a letter which urged the BBC to cancel the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra's Proms appearance.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Four members of London Philharmonic Orchestra – cellist Sue Sutherley and violinists Tom Eisner, Nancy Elan and Sarah Streatfeild – have had their membership suspended for up to nine months after signing a letter to The Independent which expressed anti-Israel views.

The letter, to which each player added a note of their affiliation to LPO as well as their personal signatures, encouraged the BBC to cancel the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s appearance at the Proms.

LPO chief executive Timothy Walker and chairman Martin Hohmann said, in an official statement, ““The company has no wish to end the careers of four talented musicians, but the board’s decision in this matter will send a strong and clear message that such actions will not be tolerated by the LPO. For the LPO, music and politics do not mix.”

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