Loft Apartment – Someone’s Will (To Have You)

This Finnish duo's music is worth taking a quiet moment out of your day for.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Loft Apartment are two people called Aaro Vahtera and Sanni Pesonen who live in Turku, Finland, where they study psychology and make music.

Someone’s Will (To Have You) is a disquietingly good electronic ballad that the pair put out online a couple of weeks ago, featuring Sanni’s delicate vocal darting around over the ponderous hum of synths and a ticking beat. With the impassioned vibrato of a higher-pitched Zola Jesus and a melody that sounds like it could have come from any heartbroken pop classic, there’s a bit of magic at work here that makes this track worth coming back to and appreciating again and again.

Loft Apartment’s SoundCloud page, likewise, contains more of this striking and thoughtful pop, with the chimes of piano chords, the click of electronic beats and the wistful trail of love stories making this a distinctive and somehow instantly familiar listening experience. Loft Apartment make songs that are wide open, full of cavernous space for you to step into, far from alienating and yet far from the ordinary. As the band say themselves on their Facebook page, “There is so much you can’t see with your eyes. So it’s about travelling in the deep twisted forest of human mind, boat lights in the river, don’t be afraid.”

If that’s all a bit abstract for you, take a leap straight into the river by clicking play below.