Timbaland and Pharrell’s high school band

Ever wondered what two of the greatest minds of our generation sounded like 20 years ago? Clue: 'quite good'.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Way back in 1991, Timbaland and Pharrell were both at high school in Virginia. They weren’t Timbaland and Pharrell then, but went under the names DJ Timmy Tim and Magnum respectively, and were in a group together called Surrounded By Idiots. Now, for the first time you can hear what that sounded like. The recording is supposedly taken from the first time they ever entered a recording studio, and is a pretty rough affair, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Also, if you’re looking to know what the two are up to these days, Pharrell is apparently releasing an alcoholic drink “just for women”, with the rather “eurgh”-inducing name ‘Qream’. For other information about their current goings-on, probably best to just occasionally check the charts.

Cheers Complex for bringing this to our attention!

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