Lipgloss Twins – Wannabe

A pogoing, bounding bouncy ball of a song from PC Music.


PC Music are like the UK record label equivalent to American artist Ryan Trecartin's video art, and their latest track, Wannabe by the Lipgloss Twins, is perhaps their most Trecartin-ian moment yet. Featuring the pitched and sped up 'XY' persona that has become hallmarks of their own artists and of likeminded producer SOPHIE (very much in the vein of the 'post drag re-take' that journalist Kevin McGarry posited one of Trecartin's characters as embodying), Wannabe sees the "twins" going through a laundry list of brands they want to acquire – French Connection, Topman, Topshop, fake Prada, fake Louis, fake Zara – while also musing on the age old Olsen Twins/Bush Twins/Parent Trap conundrum of how hard it is to be a twin ("I don't wanna be a twin/I just wanna fit in/To that thing"). When the chorus comes in, the pogoing, bounding bouncy ball of a song smooths out and the girls tell us "I got this new lip gloss/It's golden/It's golden/It's golden", like Gwen Stefani's Luxurious or Fergie's Glamorous

Make sure to watch the video that accompanies the track, which shows the twins (who might actually be just one person) in action, riffing off each other in a disturbingly hilarious manner (sample: A: "You're such a pig!" B: "I love pigs!").

Stream it on Dummy, and download/watch over at PC Music's dedicated subsite.

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