Leech – Tusks

One of the figures behind experimental powerhouse Kranky goes solo on this weird piece of electronica for 100% Silk.


Brian Foote, AKA Leech, may not be a name you recognise, but he should be quite familiar to Dummy readers – he’s one of the figures currently running experimental powerhouse Kranky, home of artists such as Grouper, Steve Hauschildt, Ethernet, Tim Hecker and more. Foote is releasing his debut 12” as Leech on 100% Silk today, a pairing which makes perfect sense. 100% Silk don’t necessarily have a signature sound so much as a signature feel – dance music that’s gone a little bit off – and Tusks shares this feel, a weird piece of electronica placed within an otherwise recognisable house framework. It gets more and more broken as the track continues, the percussion becoming more and more clattering towards the end and a cutting bassline starting to take over.

Fans itching to hear more from Leech will be happy to hear that he will be playing the 100% Silk showcase for Boiler Room LA tomorrow, alongside fellow 100% Silk oddballs Suzanee Kraft, LA Vampires, Octo Octa and others.

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