Laurel Halo, Oneohtrix Point Never, James Ferraro, Samuel Godin and minimal master David Borden form


Four American musicians all operating in various excellent ways in that synthy-jammy-proggy-techno-spacey-romantic space that’s making electronic music so, so interesting at the moment got together with David Borden, a great of compositional music for FRKWYS release.

FRKWYS, a terrific 12” series from RVNG INTL, puts together someone who is influential with someone who has been influenced by them, and records the insanity. Usually, it’s just two people vibing – alumnus include Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori, ARP and Anthony Moore – but for the seventh, five were involved, in keeping with Borden’s ensemble-based approach.

RVNG explains more:

“Over two days in August 2010, the ensemble played infinitely, taking breaks only to discuss next directions, past pursuits, and, of course, gear. During tour breaks the following fall and winter, the endless hours of recordings were paired down to the selections of FRKWYS Vol. 7. The music of the album represents full session takes, edited only for time.”

Listen to a song, called People Of The Wind, it’s very good, and below that, read the tracklisting, it’s also very good (in particular “Internet Gospel Part 2”).

Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo & Lopatin – People of the Wind Pt. 2 by RVNG Intl.

FRKWYS #7 tracklisting

Side A (33 RPM)
1. People of the Wind Pt. 1 (12:26)
2. Internet Gospel Pt. 1 (5:59)

Side B (33 RPM)
1. People of the Wind Pt. 2 (4:55)
2. Internet Gospel Pt. 2 (8:18)
3. Twilight Pacific (7:20)

As per, no expense has been spared on the physical release, with the 12” packaged in thick black jackets with a two-color adhesive wrap, with the 50 subscriber LPs arriving in leatherette jackets. The CD resembles a miniature version of the LP. Both can be preordered now from, and will ship from the middle of next month, giving us enough time to think of a good name for the genre. We’re toying with “Good”, let us know your thoughts.

RVNG will release Synth stars Laurel Halo, Oneohtrix Point Never, James Ferraro, Samuel Godin and David Borden’s 12” FRKWYS #7 on the 15th July 2011

Oh hey, Laurel Halo released an EP last week, get it here!