Lana Del Rey reschedules tour, invites controversy, soundtracks Rooney

Lana Del Rey, a suddenly literally quite famous singer from America has upgraded her tour, despite / because the backlash already starting.


Words by: Charlie Jones

American singer who’s sung songs on YouTube about being a bit too much in love Lana Del Rey has suddenly become quite famous (with her song Video Games was literally soundtracking Wayne Rooney’s goals on Sky Sports over the weekend). This is partly because she is good and interesting, and also pretty and signed to a big record label. This combination has led to her ‘authenticity’ being called into question.

Anyway, her tour has been extended, graduating from the tiny, vaguely gladitorial Madame JoJo’s in London to the much bigger Scala, for example. This is a sign of a rising star.

TBA New York, NY – TBA
TBA Los Angeles, CA – TBA
11-04 Manchester, England – Ruby Lounge
11-05 Glasgow, Scotland – Oran Mor
11-07 Paris, France – Nouveau Casino
11-10 Amsterdam, Holland – Upstairs at Paradiso
11-12 Cologne, Germany – Gebauede 9
11-14 Berlin, Germany – Roter Salon
11-16 London, England – Scala
11-17 Birmingham, England – HMV Institute

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