Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

The latest track from everyone's favourite "gangster Nancy Sinatra" proves that you will never be able to predict her next move (she's kind of rapping).


Words by: Charlie Jones

A brand new track from Lana Del Rey’s upcoming debut album Born To Die has leaked online today.

Although still drenched in the sultry trademark sound of singles ‘Video Games’ and ‘Born to Die’, this leaked gem packs more of a punch than its predecessors, as it swaggers with pouted confidence through a stumbling half-rap and queasy beat. (Yes, a half-rap.)

The new music follows the recent news that Lana has signed to Next Model Management , making the lyrics “money is the anthem/ of success/ so put on your mascara/ and your party dress” seem particularly appropriate for the rising star.

You can hear ‘Nation Anthem’ over at Listen Before You Buy

Polydor will release ‘Born to Die’ on the 30th January 2012.

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