Lady Gaga hacked by radical Lil B internet fan group SwagSec

Lil' B loving gang of cyber hackers take on Gaga.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Following attacks on Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber and Lauren Pritchard, Swagger Security have aimed even higher and hacked Lady Gaga’s website, as they threatened to do a little while back . The group of cyber hackers are known for using Lil’ B’s image as a kind of trademark, and once again followed up the attack by asking for a Lil’ B song mention. The Guardian quotes them as tweeting:

“All we asking for iz a lil SwagSec mention on a track,” they wrote on Twitter. “We lovin the new Bill Bellamy [single] (much swag) but where [are] the [shout-outs]?”

This time around, SwagSec have made off with names and email addresses of fans on the site. Allegedly no financial information has been taken. Interestingly, the attack also continues their preference for targeting artists on Universal.