Sam Dust of Late of the Pier shares the full version of his first song in years, released via Domino.


LA PRIEST is Sam Dust, aka Sam Eastgate, frontman of incredible late-'00s band Late of the Pier.

Late of the Pier were one of the last great British bands, releasing a bold, adventurous debut album called 'Fantasy Black Channel' in 2008. They followed it up in 2010 with a double a-side single – Best In The Class and Blueberry – two songs that were started during the 'Fantasy Black Channel' sessions and which hinted at the many different sides of the band that had had yet to be explored.

And then that was it. No one really heard much from the band in the years that followed, and those different sides remained unexplored.

That was until last week, anyway, when a new interactive site called Earth Window was launched. If you played Earth Window to the end, you got to hear two minutes of a new song by LA PRIEST. Oino is the full version of that song.

Premiered on Zane Lowe's show on BBC Radio 1 last night and preceding a debut album on DominoOino has all the sonic adventurousness, melodic playfulness, and pop nous you might expect from Dust at this point.

So it goes, since Late of the Pier went on hiatus, Sam went to Greenland to study the effect of the Ivittuut region's electro-magnetic phenomena on recorded sound (right), and produced more than five secret uncredited projects. Some of those projects are out in the public domain, and some of them have even been written about on Dummy. But we can't tell you which.

What's especially heartening is that this isn't the first song from LA PRIEST: Engine, his debut single, was released via Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label way back in 2007, suggesting that this music has been perfected over a long, long time.

Domino release Oino on February 4th 2015 (buy).

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