LA PRIEST – Lady’s In Trouble With The Law

Amazing, amazing tune from Sam Dust's new album.


Sam Dust aka LA PRIEST has unveiled another new song from his upcoming debut album 'Inji'.

Lady's In Trouble With The Law is probably the most luscious song on 'Inji'. It's testament to Dust's vast musical talents: does anyone else write songs like this? Does anyone else create sounds like these?

The new song comes alongside news of a truly bonkers album listening event: a LA PRIEST-themed symposium titled "Learning To Love". It's a "late lunch" taking place at London's Birkbeck University next Tuesday (June 23rd) and will be hosted by guest speaker Eric Swineblade (Ideas Man).

A press release continues: "In keeping with the theme the event will focus on stimulating creative and innovative thoughts related to the western world's crisis of love in the twenty-first century as we ask ourselves 'what is love?' and 'how do I get some of that?'" To apply for tickets, RSVP to

Domino release 'Inji' on June 29th 2015 (buy).

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