L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke – The Pit

More heavy duty rhythms from Sound Pellegrino's compilation of collaborations, 'SND.PE Vol.2: Crossover Series'.


So far, everything that's dropped from Sound Pellegrino's forthcoming 'SND.PE Vol.2: Crossover Series' compilation has been fantastic. First we had Ikonika and Crystal teaming up for a colourful, electro-flavoured club banger, then SCNTST and Matthias Zimmerman chopping up breaks, and now Night Slugger L-Vis 1990 and Canadian-in-Barcelona Sinjin Hawke have joined forces on The Pit.

Presumably recorded in the same sessions that gave birth to Flash Alert, The Pit opens with rhythmic breathing and ecclesiastical synthesizers before plunging headfirst into club swing, each kickdrum carrying enough force to make it feel like you've been punched in the ribs… in a nice way. There's a definite shade of Jam City's 'Classical Curves' to it, and that's no bad thing.

Sound Pellegrino release 'SND.PE Vol.2: Crossover Series' on the January 27th 2014.

[via Mixmag]

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