Kwes – cablecar

The £24 million spent by the taxpayer on London's cable car system serves as inspiration for a new Kwes track. Probably.


Anybody who lives outside of London may find it odd, impractical and unecessary that the city has a cable car system in place. And you'd be partially correct in thinking this. However, the £60 million expense of putting up said cable car (£24 million of which was fronted by the taxpayer) has clearly paid off, as it has proven to be the inspiration for the latest Kwes track.

As the Warp-signed odd pop artist told Dummy's Ruth Saxelby in a recent interview, the studio where he recorded debut album 'ilp' was about 10 minutes away from Royal Victoria Docks, and as such a lot of his time was spent riding the nearby cable car, with one part of the album incorporating a recording he made on it of a child talking to his parents. Adorable.

Check the eight minute mist-on-the-water number cablecar above.

Warp will release 'ilp' on October 14th.