Kwes – 36

Singer/producer Kwes announces his debut album for Warp and shares a new 'un from it, 36, in the process.


Dummy have been harping on about singer/noisemaker Kwes for donkeys now, so the announcement of his debut album is always welcome around these parts. The intriguingly named 'ilp' will drop on October 15th through Warp, and ahead of that release he's shared the album's second track, off-centre R&B song 36, which you can stream below.

Here's the tracklist for the album, by the way. It's surely a contender for "weirdest song titles of the year" – it's either this or SFV Acid, anyway.

1. purplehands
2. 36
3. rollerblades
4. cablecar
5. flower
6. hives
7. broke
8. chagall
9. parakeet
10. b_shf_l

Kwes was kind enough to have a long conversation with Dummy's Ruth Saxelby last week – you can read what he had to say here.

Warp will release 'ilp' on October 15th.