Kowton & Julio Bashmore – Untitled

The Bristolians collaborate once more.


One of the new things that's floating about right now in radio rip form is an untitled new 'un from Kowton and Julio Bashmore. The two have collaborated before, with Kowton frequently popping up on Broadwalk Records and the two having put out a collaborative single in the form of Mirror Song earlier this year, but with Bashmore's recent Duccy receving the sort of criticism usually reserved for mass murderers, it's fair to say that people might be expecting a lot more from this than usual. As played by Ben UFO on Rinse FM recently, the new track is full of those dirty 909 open hi-hats and crashses that have coloured a lot of Bashmore and Kowton's work recently, but it's got a delightfully unmelodic acid bassline going on as well. 


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