Kowton – And What

Bristol bod Kowton has shared a gritty drum track with the world.


Following on from Julio Bashmore and Kowton’s Mirror Song comes a new Kowton solo track, And What. It’s essentially just a drum track – and a very, very gritty one at that – consisting of tasty analog claps, a railway chug, and distorted low end kicks. This author is a sucker for a good drum track, although the lack of melody may be perplexing to some, as one Soundcloud commentor writes: “is this music really ?”.

It’ll come out on Broadwalk Records, Julio’s own imprint, possibly as the B-side to the aforementioned Mirror Song. You can check out Kowton’s Dummy mix from last year here.

Broadwalk Records will release ‘Mirror Song’ on 27th May.

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