Sub Luna City – ‘City Rivims Mk 1’

King Krule shares his stoned hip hop side project.


One great thing about being an in-demand pop star in 2014 is that you can dabble in all sorts of musical genres in your downtime and release it online as a side project, ensuring that your mucking about runs no risk of contaminating the "canon" proper.

King Krule is one such mucker. Besides his beloved solo career, he often dabbles in hip hop beatmaking and MCing under names like Edgar The Beatmaker and DJ JD Sports. His most recent side project is called Sub Luna City, which sees Archy Marshall making stoned-out hip hop beats with his pals Rago Foot, Jadessa, and co-producer Black Mack. Their new compilation, 'City Rivims Vol. 1', was uploaded to Bandcamp late Friday, which you can stream in full below. If you wanted to buy it, the whole thing will set you back £3.

King Krule recently shared the video for his new single A Lizard State, which sees him channeling Hitchcock and walking on walls.

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