Kelpe – Doubles Of Everything

A lush cut from the analogue house/hip hop/krautrock-indebted producer's fifth album.


For the past 12 years, Kel McKeown has been releasing stellar analogue krautrock, house, and hip hop-indebted electronic music under the name Kelpe. With releases having graced top notch record labels like the late, great D.C. Recordings, Svetlana Industries, and more recently Don't Be Afraid's DBA Dubs series, McKeown is readying a new album called 'The Curved Line'.

The first song on 'The Curved Line' is Doubles of Everything, an intricate instrumental piece that gradually swells and builds over the course of four minutes. It's a song that sets the tone for the rest of the album, which is lush and widescreen-focused while retaining a certain grit about its sound, with a greater emphasis on the ways that a song can progress over a prolonged running time.

Kelpe 'The Curved Line' tracklist:

01. Doubles of Everything
02. Chirpsichord
03. Calumet
04. Sick Lickle Thing
05. Red Caps of Waves
06. Valerian
07. Drums For Special Effects
08. Morning Two
09. Canjealous
10. Incantation 

Drut Recordings release 'The Curved Line' on August 24th 2015.