Kano releases documentary detailing ‘Hoodies All Summer’s creative process

The short film includes interviews with D Double E, Ghetts, Kojo Funds and more...


Words by: Billy Ward

August 2019 marked the release of Kano’s sixth studio album, ‘Hoodies All Summer’ LP, which we named as the best of 2019.

The record provided some of the artist’s most refined work to date, bringing together musical influences picked up over a long and fruitful career while capturing the social zeitgeist of Britain today.

Now, the grime legend has released a short film looking at the factors that went into the creation of his project. The thirteen-and-a-half-minute documentary includes an interview with Kano, where he talks about his inspirations surrounding the album, plus producers Blue May and Jodie Miller who were central to the development of the record.

Collaborators on the LP such as Popcaan, D Double E, Kojo Funds and Ghetts are also interviewed, with topics covered including only being allowed to wear loafers in the studio, the writing process of instant grime classic ‘Class of Deja’ and more in the beautifully-filmed video.

Watch the documentary:

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